NEW12- Bold New Strokes- by Andrew Stephens

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Others deal with performance in a far more indirect way. Katie Lee, whose work in the past has tended towards enigmatic, rather minimalist sculptural assemblies, has this time worked with dancer Kyle Kremerskothen on a film-based installation called It’s Not You, It’s Me for her NEW12 commission – a work that is dispersed as fragments throughout the whole gallery […]

In the Galleries: A Condition of Change

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By Dan Rule This aptly titled group show includes sculptural installations, objects and drawn forms that are by no menas static or complete.  Notions of tension, suspension, force and restraint –  implied or otherwise – pervade.  Lunney’s works are partiuclarly evocative but resolutely mute.  In Breathing Meditation, a high-tensile wire anchored to the wall elevates […]