In the Galleries: A Condition of Change

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By Dan Rule

This aptly titled group show includes sculptural installations, objects and drawn forms that are by no menas static or complete.  Notions of tension, suspension, force and restraint –  implied or otherwise – pervade.  Lunney’s works are partiuclarly evocative but resolutely mute.  In Breathing Meditation, a high-tensile wire anchored to the wall elevates one end of a powder coated steel plate, creating an oblique angle, while a smooth rounded bone like copper rod affixed to an adjoining span of walll makes for an unusual counterpoint.  Katie Lee’s untitled timber and rubber work, meanwhile, is a study in defused enefgy, with its rubber strap hanging limply from a robust timber hook.  Though completely deactivated, its potentaial as an agent of control 0r perhaps even a weapon- affords it a portentious air.  Susan Jacobs continues her fascinating use of magnestised objects in Cover Version, a tripod-like structure pepeperd with ornate clusters of magnetic ball bearings that also seeminly coerce an ornately textured copper plate from its hanging point nearby, causing one end to levitate in space.  Meredith Turbull is the curator of the exhibiton.

Thurs and Fri 11am-6pm, Sat noon-5pm until December 10
Sarah Scout, Level 1 1A corsslety Street, city, 9654 4429 

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