Asialink Residency- Jogjakarta 2014

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Hosted by Grace Samboh at Hyphen, I will be spending June-September in Jogjakarta on an Asialink residency.

Grace Samboh (b. Jakarta, Indonesia, 1984) veered away from her undergraduate degree in advertising and graduated her master from the Visual Art Studies program at Gadjah Mada University’s Graduate School (2009). She started her interest in the arts at ruangrupa, an artist-collective based in Jakarta. In 2009, Indonesian Visual Art Archive (IVAA) commissioned her to curate the “21 Years Retrospective of Jogja Biennale” as one of the archive-based shows at the Jogja Biennale IX – Jogja Jamming (2009). She participated in the making of Langgeng Art Foundation (2010-2011) as the executive director/curator and did 10 shows with the executive team; five of those shows were designed as the main platform of exhibitions in the foundation. She is now back to happily working autonomously. She’s logs (some of) her writings at and is available at

Hyphen: Hyphen started in the beginning of 2011 as a closed-door discussion group between Grace Samboh, Pitra Hutomo and Ratna Mufida. In general, the group seeks to sew bits by bits of the fragmented Indonesian art history. A number of interests throughout the discussions are rooted into one stance: (re)reading Indonesian contemporary arts practice and putting it into its own historical context.

Hyphen is now an office that does arts and cultural research and curatorial acts. For further inquiries, contact us through or